Many people suffer from dark circles under or around the eyes. Dark circles under eyes make people look tired and exhausted, if not unhealthy, and can occur due to a wide variation of reasons. Dark circles eyes happen to people in all ages groups but seem to occur more in women.
Why do they arise?
There are a number of causes of dark circles under eyes some of which are:
the Eyes a Lot due to lack of sleep or itchy eyes that occur in dusty rooms or if one suffers from an allergy, for example hay fever

Sleep difficulty
(possibly due to stress or depression).
Hay fever and dust allergies are known to cause dark circles under eyes.


As the skin under the eye is so close to the underlying bone, a lack of water in the body will become apparent in this area when the body is dehydrated. This will show up as a dark circle around or under the eye and will disappear once the body is properly hydrated again.


The skin tissue around the eyes is less plump and gets thinner when aging, causing dark circles. A moisturising dark circle eye cream can help to make this skin stronger and healthier again.

How to deal with them?
Take care about following,
1- Drink lots of water
2-Get plenty of sleep
3-Take healthy diet
4-Stop smoking.
Natural treatment;

Cucumber juice is essentially cooling and soothing, and it has mild bleaching properties. Apply it daily to your dark circles, and you will see a difference. However, this is not a permanent remedy.

Medical treatment;
Different eye creams for dark circles:

Glycolic acid is a skin friendly acid ,Its 2 % preparations are very helpful in removing Dark circles around the eyes,but remember its not the over night effect that glycolic acid gives!
I personally have used it,and i found wonderful results. 
Hydroquinone is a very effective bleaching and lightening agent but most people are sensitive to apply hydroquinone creams on eyes(they get red allergy,but usually it's not severe)again this can be used in 2 % preparations.

!'m sharing the link of site that carry information about different eye creams that are used for dark circle removal.
Click here!  

Facial exercise(helpful in removing dark circles)



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