THROAT CANCER.....A better Understanding

                                            What is Throat Cancer?

Throat cancer is a condition where cancer affects the vocal cords,voice box(lyrnx),or other areas of Throat.

(If we go into further details, Throat cancer may refer to Head and Neck cancers including that originate from lips,mouth,nasal cavity,lyrnx and phyrnx....and malignancies from Esophagus  cancer can also contribute to throat cancer.)

What Causes Throat Cancer?

The causes of Throat Cancer include certain lifestyles and exposure to environmental toxins or infectious pathogens.Some common causes are;

Smoking:If you use any form of tobacco including chew,cigrattes or pipes,you may develop Throat cancer.

Alcohol:you may develop Throat cancer as a result of use of Alcohol in heavy amounts for a long period of time.

Poor Dental Hygiene:Taking Poor care of your teeth including not flossing or brushing frequently enough can cause to develop Throat or mouth cancer.

Poor diet:A diet low in fruits and vegetables can lead you to cancer of Throat,stomach or colon.

HPV:If you are infected with a sexually Transmitted disease called Human Papilloma virus,you may develop cancer of Throat,mouth as well as genital  warts.
Oral Sex rise during past few years has dramatically increased the Risk of cancers in Oral cavity and Throat cancers,and now a days it has become ONE of the major causes of Throat Cancer.

Very Hot Tea:According to a new research Throat and Esophageal cancer incidence is double in the persons who take very HOT  tea.

Throat cancer symptoms;

Most common Symptoms are:

1.Hoarsness of Voice that does not resolve within 1 or 2 weeks.
2.Sore Throat for a long time that does not resolve even with antibiotics.
3.Neck pain.
4.difficulty in swallowing.
5.swelling in the neck.
6.Difficulty in breathing can also occur.
7.Abnormal breathing sounds.
8.Unexplained Cough.
9.Coughing up blood.

possible symptoms;numbness of facial muscles,unintentional weight loss etc.

Diagnosis:diagnosis can be done by lyrngeoscopy,MRI's,and through biopsies.

Treatments:Treatment is aimed at destruction of cancerous cells and prevention of spread of cancer to the other parts of the body.....Common options are;

....some modern treatment options are;
1.Intensity-modulated Radiation therapy
2.Image guided Radio therapy
3.Tomo therapy
4.Gamma knife
5.Prostate seeds tomography
7.Image fusion

Preventions:One of the Best ways to reduce the risk of Throat Cancer is to minimize or avoid    Smoking and excess use of Alcohol,and not to adopt the Un-natural sexual behaviours.


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thanks so much doc!!! ..reading the symptoms and the effects of throat cancer is a relief really!!..thanks..

i forgot the right term it's called, but there is a mass in the throat..doctors suggested surgery, but it won't guarantee that the mass will totally be gone and it will not worsen..this is a case of my friend..

thanks so much for these infos.. at least im relieved it's not cancer..thanks thanks thanks!!!

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